hw Wiegandt®

The company Wiegandt, from 1959…

… till today

… and still going on 

Since the company foundation in the early year 1959, WIEGANDT was and is a family owned company, related to the world wide research and  further development of fish and reef keeping.

The company WIEGANDT has started as importer of the first tropical marine fishes and invertebrates available on the Germany market. The biggest problem in this times was the absolute lacking of usable marine salt mixes to be able to create the needed marine water.  To improve the habitat conditions of the animals the company WIEGANDT took the challenge to develop their own 1-component marine salt mix.  What has started as a solution for the own requirements, in very short time became a strongly demanded product by public aquariums, research centers, laboratories and enthusiastic marine aquarium hobbyists.

The first “hw® Meersalz” was born.

In the following years the company WIEGANDT specialize more and more in the development and manufacturing of high quality marine salt formulations. Many marine salt formulations was specially developed for different Zoos, public aquariums and the changing needs of the raising marine aquaristic . With the increasing demand the production capacities has been raised and also the manufacturing processes has become more and more sophisticated. Therefore our production plants at our location in Krefeld  was steadily improved and became one of the most advanced manufacturing  facilities for marine salt formulations. Related to this process the own researches in the field of the marine environment and the tropical marine habitats of the different live forms leads to the design and development of the hw® product line.

Meanwhile the company WIEGANDT can make a retrospective view on several decades of experience, research and successful development of marine salt formulations for all kind of aquaristic applications. With this accumulated know how WIEGANDT is able to implement also newest marine research results  into our formulations and manufacturing processes.

The internal company validation and testing procedures are one of the guaranties for a reliable quality and a reproducible manufacturing process.